Beaula Moyo


I am Beaula Moyo. I come from Zimbabwe. I moved from Zimbabwe to North Cyprus soon after completing my high school. The reason for moving away from home was mainly for the purpose of studying. I then decided to move to Istanbul, Turkey in November 2020. Upon arriving in Turkey, it was during the time everything was on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic hence I spent most of my time being indoors and then later I decided to pursue a career path in English teaching. Main reason for pursuing English teaching career path is my passion for teaching.

In addition to that, I possess strong effective communication skills with very fluent written and spoken English. I am a native speaker of English, so I can help my students with their pronunciation and understanding of the language. Moreover, I am a self-motivated, passionate English Teacher with high expertise in creating engaging lesson plans to suit diverse students.

I am constantly seeking ways to improve my skills. I have obtained quite a few certificates to enrich and strengthen my skills.  I have been teaching English for few years, and I have a great passion for the language. I have taught all levels of English, from beginners to advanced, and I have always been able to help my students improve their language skills. I am a patient and caring teacher, and I always make sure that my students feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn English.

Currently, I am a new teacher at Kidsdorf Kindergarten School. I recently joined this family (Kidsdorf) and I love it. I am excited to be a part of the community and I look forward to working well with my fellow teachers and the students.